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Hurricane Disaster Planning

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Hurricane Disaster Planning




Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. The National Hurricane Center usually issues a watch 36 hours before landfall and a warning 24 hours before landfall. Hurricanes and tropical storms are unpredictable and all residents should pay very close attention to them as they develope.
Sun City Center is not  located in a mandatory hurricane evacuation zone. Residents are responsible for making their own emergency plans and preparations well in advance of any storm, including plans to evacuate should their homes be rendered unsafe in which to stay.
The Continental Group Responsibilities
It is the intention  of The Continental Group to assist the residents of Kings Point during an emergency. Our role is to coordinate vendors and contractors, enabling them to respond as quickly as possible in an emergency.
Continental employees will mobilize as soon as it is safe, recognizing we might be stranded by bridge closings or flooding. Our employees live in areas that may be more affected by the storm and evacuation orders. We will be available as soon as it is possible.
Telephone and utilities might be out of service. Residents must understand that Continental  is only able to respond after the utilities have been restored. Continental has no control of restoring water, telephone or electric service.
Contractors and vendors will not respond to roof leaks or other emergencies, such as fallen trees or blocked roads, until the storm has passed and they can safely travel to Kings Point. Currently, we manage 5,175 units in this community. The number of emergency repairs can easily exceed thousands, ranging from minor to serious. Continental and the vendors will work together to prioritize needed repairs. Serious repairs will be given priority and minor repairs will be expedited as quickly as possible.
The Continental Group Emergency Plan
Purpose: Protect the lives and health of residents and the employees of Kings Point, and protect and minimize damage to residents' property in the event of an emergency.
1. To evacuate and account for all employees.
2. To assemble the company's Emergency Response Team for implementation of the response plan as soon as it is safe to do so.
3. Prevent further property damage through mobiling vendors to begin repairs and estimates as soon as it is safe to do so.
4. File any applicable reports with the Federation of Kings Point.
Emergency response procedures:
1. Assess the situation, number, and types of hazards expectedased on past experience.
2. Protect employees, residents, contractors, equipment, vital records and other assets.
3. Coordinate with the insurance company on any possible claims.
4. Get the business back up and running.
Local County and Sun City Center Emergency Response Groups:
The Hillsborough Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is in charge of any disaster countywide. After the storm, the Sun City Center Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is the local operation center and coordinates all local activity by volunteer first responder  groups (such as the Emergency Squad and SecurityPatrol) until such time that uniformed county responders become available. The Sun City Center and Kings Point amateur radio clubs will maintain communications between all local responder groups, the National Weather Service in Ruskin, Hillsborough County EOC and state authorities.
After a storm, the Sun City Emergency Squad Public Information Officer (PIO)  will man a local disaster desk at 813-633-1414 to receive and respond to all local and media information requests.
Currently there are no shelters available in Sun City Center. For additional information and disaster planning guides go to website:
To register for a special needs shelter and/or transportation, select one of the following options:
Call the Hillsborough County Health Department.
Call the Hillsborough County InfoLine.
813-272-5900, or TTY 813-301-7173
Call your home health care provider.
Phone Number__________________.
Complete an evaluation form and mail or fax to:
Hillsborough County Health Department
P.O. Box 5135
Tampa, FL 33675-5135
Emergency Telephone Numbers:
Emergency 9-1-1
Fire - Police - Ambulance
When the life and property are in immediate jeoperty.
Local Numbers:
Life threatening Medical Emergencies.
Emergency Squad 813-634-3800
SCC Community Resource Deputy Chris Girard.
813-672-7817 or 813-247-0455 and ask for Deputy Girard
Kings Point Chief of Security Scott Dunlap.
Kings Point Front Gate.
The Continental Group.
Community Emergrncy Response Team-CERT.
 Bill Barron, President, Website:
Community Emergency Response Team-CERT.
Dick Tattarelli, Vice President,
County Numbers:
Hillsborough InfoLine/Disaster Prepareness.
Animal Services.
Water Service.
Local Radio.
SCC Emergency VHF Amateur Radio 147.225 Mhz
CB Channel #1 26.965 Mhz

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